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Beer Pong Fight Club (37 min)

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This is one of those videos where, crazy shit just happened and I was lucky enough to have everything ready to go to catch it. And even I couldn't have imagined the crazy direction it would go in, which if you know me is really saying something. I was out at the bar with my buddies one Saturday night, and we were gettin' crazy and drinking the night away like we usually do. When 2 o'clock came around we were in no mood to stop and so we rolled back to my house even though it was a terrible wreck because at this point it was right in the middle of being renovated and there was shit everywhere. Tiles, pieces of wood, etc. If I'd known I was going to tape anything that night I would've cleaned up a bit, lol.

It should be no surprise to anyone that a game of Naked Beer Pong broke out. I don't know what it os about marines and beer pong but they all love to play it naked and I'm sure not going to be the one to stop them. What happened next is the crazy part. Two of my buddies go to talking tough and decided to have a fight. Not to fight, to have a fight...with rounds, a ref, times and everything. They're best bros and roommates back in the barracks, so there was no beef between them, just a friendly rivalry. It was an intense fight, and I'll admit lots of fun to watch. despite the hard blows and the fact that one clearly beats the shit out of the other, it's a friendly bout and at the end they hug and are bros. So don't worry, just enjoy a level of testosterone that you usually don't get to see.

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