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Zed & Neo Hotel Fun 2 (42 min)

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Zed and Neo's hotel shenanigans continue, but as the night progresses Neo, being the total horndog that he is, puts some porn on his phone. It's pretty much his default state, as he's always looking up step-sister videos on that thing. Zed and Neo have been best best friends for the past like seven or eight years, since they went to high school together, they have fucked a chick together, both before and after they were in the US Marine Corps. So they had seen each other naked many times but they had never jerked off in front of each other before yesterday. Now they're totally chill with each other, so when the video gives Zed a boner and Neo starts jerking off they're totally chill about it.

Neo busts first, leaving a big wet spot on the carpet that I later stepped in. Zed moves to the bed with his best buddy beside him as he wrongs out that huge cock. Plus some room shenanigans and Neo pissing. Then they had to jump in the shower to get all the cum off.

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