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Jack on the Range (30 min)

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So if you've been following my Snapchat or Instagram, you've been dying to see Jack for a while now.

Jack, another buddy of mine and I went shooting on of all days, Easter. We went out to the desert and my other buddy (who must remake nameless and unseen) brought his huge arsenal of firearms. We took them out to the empty desert where we wouldn't bother nobody, and let Jack go to town. He was like a kid in a candy store, and you will be too staring at that magnificent ass.

Jack's ass is a thing of magnificence. And I never knew how much a pistol belt could make someone's ass stand out. You'll love watching Jack walk around in the desert like the little alpha he is.

Unfortunately it was a lot windier than I expected, and the sound is kinda blown out because I had to tune down for the wind noise.

Supplying the arsenal is another buddy of mine who unfortunately cannot ever appear on video. However I can tell you he blew a lot of shit up in Iraq and Afghanistan back-in-the-day, and could probably make an explosive out of peanut butter and kill you with your shoelaces if he had to.

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