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Zed's Ass Tatt (43 min)

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So if you've been on my SnapChat (search for 'msb_joe'), you know Zed. Zed and Neo are best bros, and we hung out a lot together, all three of us.

One of the first times we hung out, which I've been sitting on until now, was when Zed and Neo went to get somewhat-matching ass-tatts. I say somewhat-matching because they got different tatts (both ass-pun related) on opposite cheeks. Zed's was a big red set of lips, for 'kiss my ass'.

We went to a local place that friend of mine works at, she had a new apprentice that had been a tattoo artist in a previous life but had slacked off for a minute, so she was trying to get in with a new shop and tatting these guys' asses was her first job.

The best part was they brought a buddy along, William, who was all about watching the proceedings. For the next video, which is Neo getting his done (you'll have to wait to find out what he got but it's awesome).

Enjoy watching everyone including Zed's straight Marine buddies Neo and William stare at Zed's hairy ass as he takes the needle.

if you're not on my SnapChat already ('msg_joe') you should be. That's my public Snap, not my private which is available only for members. If you were on my public snap you could have watched along while we made this video in real-time!

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