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John Spencer Helping Hand (44 min)

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John and I went to the Motel 6 for this one, for the simple reason that my Marine buddies had been coming over after the bar a few times in a row and my place was trashed, with beer cans and red solo cups everywhere. John wanted to "get taken care of" and I was down, but not at my pad, so I met him at the Motel 6.

John came straight from duty, so he's still in uniform, which is why this video is top secret. He makes a show of taking it off in front of the window, it's so hot seeing people walking around and driving bu outside while he strips off his cammies and starts working his big thick dick. When he's down to his silkies he tells a story about how his dick was flopping around at PT and he was ordered never to wear silkies for PT again. With his wang I'm not surprised, it must've been something to see.

After a bit of that I had him lay down on the bed so I could work his dick with my Fleshjack, and then my hand. Let me tell you, that Marine cock was thick and heavy in my hand.

He finishes by standing up with his ass to the window, pumping himself furiously with the Fleshjack. When it's time for him to bust he called me in and I planted my face under his dick so he could dump a huge and I mean HUGE load all over my face. My face was completely covered in Marine jizz and it was fucking awesome.

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