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Ssgt John Spencer (32 min)

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Meet my buddy Ssgt John Spencer. I met him hanging out at my local watering hole with a mutual female friend he was hoping to bang, and I used the opportunity to buy him a beer hoping we'd become friends. you can hear him reference this in the video when he says "He bought me a beer, I guess we're friends now." And it's true, we did become good friends.

When I shot this video though, we'd only met a few days before, and he came to one of my parties to see what was up. What was up was we all got crazy, there was a hot tub there built for 4 but we managed to fit 7 of us in it, all packed in tight. Oh yeah we were all naked. I think it was 4 chicks and 3 guys including myself, I was packed in so close to John that my dick was rubbing up on his leg as he macked with one of the girls, and I couldn't help noticing that this didn't stress him out at all. So I decided to see if he would come back and jerk for us the next day.

I should add here that he was actually the first one naked at the party, and actually came up to me at one point and asked how long till his shorts could come off? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

In this video he jerks off for me and another buddy, showing off his big thick tool. Turns out he likes being watched, I think. When he came he shot a giant thick wad of cum that flew out and landed on my arm, which naturally I ate right in front of him. Notice how he's in no rush to put his diock away after? John and I have only gotten more comfortable as we've become even better friends, wait til you see what cums next...

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