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I've wanted to release this one for a long time. This video wasn't 'lost' like the last one. Because Nick was a sergeant in the Marine Corps at the time, I didn't want to put his career at risk. Somehow or another I think I had a premonition that he would be the one discovered by the Marine Corps! If it happened, I didn't want him to have to answer for anything really bad (s it was, when he was found out and almost court martialed, I was relieved that I had left it out).

Nick, on the other hand, had other plans. He had just got back from Afghanistan a few days before this, and when he got back he found out that his wife was a cheating whore who had invited a bunch of meth heads over to his new house while he was gone. So he was horny as fuck, and back to having no pussy.

The video as it was released: 'Naked Nick', is hot as fuck. He was overflowing with sexual energy and pretty soon we were both running around his newly empty house naked together. Then we were in the shower. Then I sucked his dick and ate out his ass. Then we got out of the shower and I did it some more. Those last two parts didn't make the last video.

It's been a few years now though, and I think it's time for the world to see one of the hottest videos I ever shot. Watch 'Naked Nick' first for the context, because that will make it so much hotter.

Editing this video, I can't believe how lucky I was.

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