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Mac and Joel are, like so many of the guys you meet at my house, marines and best friends. Joel is the one with tatts, Mac is the one with the huge dick. Both of them are hot as hell, in different ways.

Anyways, I was out drinking with a lady friend of mine and these two have been friends of hers for a minute. So, when the bars closed, we all came back to my place to drink. And one thing led to another, as it usually does.

Originally Mac was going to fuck the fake pussy, because our mutual lady friend would not put out for a brother. In fact you will notice quiet a bit of this video involved Mac trying to talk her into giving him a BJ. Life is so unfair, since every single one of you reading this would JUMP at the chance to give this 21 yo hottie a wet sloppy one.

In the end though, whiskey dick got the better of him, and he had to sit out. Joel on the other hand and after a few comments about how he didn't think he'd be able to do it, he came a big load all over the fake pussy.

This video is kinda's one of those "It's 3 AM and we're all plastered" videos. On the other hand, I could NOT let shenanigans like this go un-recorded!

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