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Nick & Brennan Naked Wrestling (46 min)

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After watching Robbie and Steve's amateur hour wrestling, Nick and Brennan decided to step up and show the kids how the men do things. Nick and Brennan are both much larger, and much more skilled, so this round is that much more intense. Robbie and Steve stuck around to watch, and although Robbie is giving out instruction the whole time I'm not sure Nick or Brennan were listening to anything he had to say, both of those guys seem to know what they're doing. If you wrestled either one of them you'd lose pretty quick, is what I'm saying, but you might not mind. Brennan is a 23 yo Marine from New Jersey. He and Nick have been buddies for years, and have deployed to Afghanistan together. You can tell when you watch the incredible chemistry between these two hot, muscular hunks--it's off the charts! Nick has a girlfriend and Brennan is married, but these two hot straight marines are totally comfortable being naked with each other. They all live together in Nick's house and they both assure Joe that it's just like this at home. Brennan may be all muscles, but Nick has the weight and the skills, and he easily takes down Brennan 3 out of 4 rounds. Hot and sweaty, they climb in the shower which is where things start to get really good!

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