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Once again, we ended up back at my place after the bar, 3 marines and one ex marine. My buddy Nick is one of my best friends ever, a great guy with a heart of gold, who just got back from Afcrapistan several days before this night. We were out at the bar celebrating when we ran into Scottie, who is an old buddy of mine from back in the day when he was an MP here on base. He would never do a video for me before, but now he's out, in more ways than one. Turns out Scottie was gay the whole time, if it's not obvious now lol. Lots of fun, and him and Nicholas got along great. We met the rednecks of the title in a beer pong game out at out favorite watering hole, and they were so much fun we had no choice but to bring them back to the crib with us for shenanigans. Well it turns out they love getting naked just as much as we do, and especially showing their buttholes, which was a nice surprise. Enjoy!

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