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And now for something I've been anxious to do for a long time...please allow me to introduce Scott.

Scott is, by the time you read this, finally out of the USMC. When these videos were taped he had a good month or so left in the Corps, but was counting the days.

I actually let Scott stay at my place as the end was coming up. You've see his room has he left it in many other videos so far, but originally all that shit was his. He didn't care that I was taping all the time, but he made me promise to wait until he was out to release anything. But now I can share!

And oh man have I been waiting to share Scott with you. Great personality, gorgeous body, and another one of those guys that just cannot seems to keep their clothes on. In fact we met and became friends when he and another friend of his followed me home from the local watering hole and we all ended up running naked around the neighborhood. SO much fun. He was tired of the barracks and when he asked if he could stay at my pad for a few weeks until he got out, I said hell yeah.

This video is actually a series of short videos of Scott I took while he was staying here. They're too short by themselves but you'll still want to see this incredibly hot marine stud walking around my house with his cock out!

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