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Magical Michael's Soapy Shower (33 min)

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Featuring:Magical Michael

Mike and I have been hanging out a bunch recently, not that you'll blame me. Aside from having the amazing body of a state football champ (fullback), he's also the nicest guy. AND THAT ASS! OMG that ass. It's just something else, and I got to touch it :)

We were out at the bar one night (again) after a long night drinking we ended up back at my place. Mike's back was bothering him, related to getting blown up in Afcrapistan, and when I suggested that he let me give him a massage he said yes.

I also knew that you guys would like to see him all soapy and hopeful even all hot and bothered, so I got him to get in the shower. Now like any horny 21yo marine, Mike can't keep his hands off his dick. And I was right, as soon as he lathered up he started to play with it. It's a beautiful sight.

I got the idea because while I was massaging his ass, we were talking about his time in Okinawa. One of the the things marines do there is go off base and get "Soapies" which is where you pay a girl to soap you up all over. Maybe next time I'll get to give Mike his soapy...

Now although Mike does play with himself for a nice long while and it's very hot, he had had too many beers to cum or even get hard. But he's so beautiful, I still had to rub one out twice while watching this video. That ass! You could bury your face in there so deep you'd suffocate and still die happy. Enjoy!

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