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Beat Off Buddies Jerk Off Contest (56 min)

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This is the last Beat Off Buddies now it was the end of the day, we had been hanging out for hours and occasionally one of my buddies, first Ford and then Marcus succumbed to the power of the Desperate Housewives 3 DVD as they gave up and jerk off right in front of their bros. These are guys that spent 7 months in a tank together in Afghanistan, they're definitely not shy with each other any more.

By this point in the evening we (they, but I went with) went out to get haircuts and came back. We were all feeling pretty tired and laid back but no one wanted to go back to base just yet, so we hung out and watched porn some more. That's when Ford blurted out, "We should have one of those jerk off contests!" It's not totally out of the blue we had been talking about barracks jerk off contests earlier. Sean and Tanker were down and pretty soon money was getting laid down on who would win. Marcus, dismayed at how long it was taking his buddies, said he could start late and still finish first, despite having just rubbed one out a couple hours earlier.

Ford decided that the losers should have to suffer something, and since there were three contestants now after the winner won, the two losers that were left should have to shower together. I was like, why didn't I think of that? Leave it to a straight marine to get dirtier than me.

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