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Cole's Nekked Hike (27 min)

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Regular viewers know that there's a spot, not too far from my house, where I like to go naked hiking and shooting (unfortunately, due to CCBill regulations, I cannot show the shooting). Cole heard about this place and wanted me to take him there so we could go naked hiking, which sounded like a lot of fun to me. I told him I would take him but because it is my special spot, I would only take him back there if he let me tape it. Well Cole FUCKING LOVES to be nekkid so there was no problem there. But it meant that he had to come do it directly after he got off duty so the sun would still be out.

Cole and I hiked all over the damn place, and had a great time, just being guys hiking around in the desert, throwing shit, looking under rocks and what not. Cole and I are both country boys so we get in to that sort of thing, especially with the wind blowing through our balls. We got cut off rather abruptly though...after we got back to the jeep Cole was horny enough to rub one on on the hood of the car, and I was about to join him, when some asshole came through in his truck. People are finding out about my spot, I'm gonna have to find someplace else for us to run around with our dicks out.

Cole was game to drive back to the house naked though. I dared him to do it, but he was like, "You don;t gotta dare me to do nothin', I think that's awesome," and so he did.

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