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Tony's Blowjay (25 min)

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This was, for me, one of the hottest videos I've ever shot...but in my excitement I fucked it up. I present it to you anyway, because it would be a shame to miss out on this, even though I forgot to flip a switch on my camera so there isn't any sound. I was messing around with a new microphone so I could get better sound for you guys, and instead I got no sound. I was so disappointed.

Mainly because, as I watch this video, it looks like Tony is covering his eyes like he;s trying to pretend I'm not giving him the blowjay of his life. When in fact the opposite is true...I had to go slooooooooooooow with him because within about 60 seconds he was already ready to bust. You'll notice when you're watching this, it's slooooooooow strokes all the way. I drew him out for a good 15 minutes, and by the end he was about ready to go crazy. If there was sound, you would hear his plaintive moans as he constantly warns me that he's about to blow, and my firm answer, "The hell you are, you're not getting out of this that easy."

You know from his past videos that I already though that Tony might be a little curious. So when he came over one day wanting to know how he could make some extra cash because his (incredibly hot) ex-wife was taking him to the cleaners, I jumped at the chance to get this hot young Italian kid's giant dick in my mouth. I knew he'd protest a litte--and to be sure he was pretty nervous to start off with, after all Tony and I are best friends who hang out on a regular basis so even for me it was a little strange to holding his cock in my hands--but after a little bit of rubbing his chest to loosen him up I knew he was ready. And I knew he was really ready when his shorts got stuck on his already hardening dick. He was ready.

And like I said, it wasn't but 60 seconds later that he said he was about ready to blow.

Now Tony is the ultimate grower-not-a-shower. When it's not up his dick is just alright, nice enough but nothing impressive. But when he gets wood it's something to behold. IN fact, it's one of the only dicks that I've ever had trouble even getting in my mouth, and that includes Warhammer's. He says girls complain about it all the time and I can believe it, it's almost too big. Almost.

Little ways into it I'm playing with his balls a little, just barely touching them because I don't want to set him off early. And he says--man I wish you could hear him say it--"if you keep playing with my balls like that I really am gonna blow right now. Or if you play with my asshole." Well, I can take a hint. And I can also go slow enough that he can have his ass played with and still last.

After that he could hardly take it any more and begged me to let him cum. So, with a few quick strokes I brought him to eruption level. "Where do you want it?" he asked. Right in my face of course! He was all about that, and let go. His baby batter tastes delicious BTW. And I'm hoping that, now that we've broken the ice, he'll be back for more!

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