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The Brodeo Part 2 (46 min)

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So after Brodeo Pt 1, George, Brian and I went to a baseball game and had more than a few $12 beers (for those of you who are interested, it was a Diamondbacks/Padres game and the Diamonbacks took it). Afterwrads, we stumbled back to the hotel room and pretty soon these two were as naked as they wanted to be, which was pretty damn naked.

On the way down to San Diego George had played two new songs in the car that quickly got stuck in all our heads, we had been talking about them at the game and so of course once they had their drinks well in hand the MacBook came out and we YouTubed those songs:

Gangham Style:


...which apparently a new thing that everyone's into that I had never heard of before, and...

Horses in the Ghetto:

...which is an older song that probably not many people know unless you have lived in or nearby Minnesota, but is pretty cool. I dug it anyway. Also Prof is hot in a cowboy hat LOL.

Stop what you're doing right now and watch those, because otherwise the moves these guys are bustin' won't make a damn bit of sense. Maybe they won't anyway but I fuckin' love both these tracks so go watch them :)

After that, a pillow/wrestling fight breaks out and these two just knock each other senseless like the fun-loving and crazy Marines that they are for a good 30 minutes.

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