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Dan and Tony Beer Pong (47 min)

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And now I would like to introduce you to Tony. Tony is a 22 y/o italian kid from New Jersey, and is best friends with Dan (or was...Dan just got out and is on a long roadtrip home even as I write this). They're from the same unit and have been for 3 years, but only started hanging out about 3 months ago. This was the first time I'd actually met Tony: Dan asked if he could bring a buddy over to hang out and I said "Sure" (of course).

We went out and shot the shotgun for a little bit and then ended up hanging out the rest of the day. Looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday, Dan suggested we play beer pong (we do that a lot of you haven;t noticed). Informed that beer pong at my place is always naked, Tony had no problem and took his shorts right off.

Naturally I started taping so that you guys could share in the fun! My favorite part of this video is listening to them rag on each other. They've gone after a lot of girls together apparently (didn't invite me), and apparently they were in San Diego one night, pulled a bunch of girls, and Dan was going to get laid so kicked Tony out of the room and made him sleep in the truck. But Tony still managed to pull some ass and fucked in the back of Dan's truck LOL. You've seen his truck, it's that big black thing, so there's plenty of room.

It's also hilarious at the end when Tony is checking his messages and sees that his Mom sent him a pic and he's all embarrassed about looking at his mom when he's naked, lie she can see him through the damn cell phone. Tony has a great personality, and although it doesn't look like much in this video, when he gets hard that dick gets huge. You'll see that soon enough!

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