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This is Part 2 to the video Shower Buddies. Warhammer and I went into my room, and well the only way to describe it is we went to fucking town and back. The thing I love about Warhammer is, although he's one of the straightest dudes I have ever met, he just does't care. For him it's just a good time. What really DID surprise me though is when he pulled me around and started sucking MY dick. You'll notice in the video that I did not ask or instruct him to do that, he just moves me around and starts going down, and all of a sudden I have one of the hottest marines ever eagerly chowing down on my cock.

Well I didn't want to be without his hammer that long myself, so I moved us around so that we were 69ing each other. It was intense! One thing I'd like y'all to notice: other sites' videos are full of cuts and changes in action. this is because the guys have to take viagra to get hard, and even then they're only hard for a few minutes and then they have to stop and watch some porn to get hard again, because they're performing, they're not really into it. Well this is pretty much one long continuous take. I edited some mistakes out, because both of us were 'busy' and all I had was 2 cameras on tripods (I used the old one too, as well as the new one for 2 angles), but he's hard the whole fucking time because he is truly having a great time getting off.

Warhammer is the real deal folks: a straight marine that loves to get off and loves to fool around with his buddy. I was lucky to get this one on tape, for sure. And, best of all, BOTH cameras got the cum shot on this one. I sucked him off till he pops a huge load right in my mouth and all over my face. And yes it was delicious. Warhammer, you will be missed!

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