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So as I'm sure you can tell, my buddy Dan is like my new best friend here. I fuckin love this guy, we do everything together. More importantly, he likes to come by when he's horny. Sometimes he has a girl with him and they fuck on my couch (he even asked me to join in the other day but I was worn out from having too much damn fun recently...which I have regretted every day since...he told me to jump in any time I wanted now is that a great friend or what?) Well the other day he came by and I had the DVD that Mark and George had been watching in my laptop, and I told him it was pretty hot for a free Huster DVD, so naturally he wanted to watch it.

And naturally I got the camera out (by the way, my new camera that is way better than the last one, both in picture quality and not missing important scenes). And naturally, he lamented that while playing with his cock in my living room while I taped him was fun, he really wished he could stuck his dick in something. And naturally, I said I had something for that: the Perfect Pussy & Ass that Mark and George (and Warhammer) had had so much fun with. I also got a new fleshlight, and that turned out to be Dan's new favorite toy. He fuckin' loves that thing! I almost want to give it to him as a going away present, cuz he gets out of the Corps soon and is going back home...I will be heartbroken when my best friend leaves, but here is a video for us all to remember him by.

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