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My buddy Warhammer is back, and horny as hell. He wants to try my new 'Perfect Pussy and Ass' that you saw Mark and George fucking in 'Lowhangers', but for some reason is having a little trouble getting wood. Much to surprise he says, "I think you're gonna have to give me a blow job to get hard." Damn, I'm on it! This is the LAST video you'll see shot by this shitty camera, and this video was the last straw. It didn't record the cum shot, which is a crying shame because he blew a huge load all across my face and it was amazing. you can imagine my disappointment when I looked at the footage afterwards and that scene was missing. I was on Amazon the next day. You still get 30 minutes of Warhammer hotness though. I loved having his huge dick in my mouth and and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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