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My buddy Dan and his roommate in the barracks Chris were hanging out in my room drinking beer and shooting the shit. I used the opportunity to quiz them on various aspects of barracks life in the USMC, covering topics like how often they see each other naked, how many girls they've fucked together, and all kinds of other crazy stories.

Being roommates they see each other naked every day, and for the most part don't even care anymore. Of course to me that just means they should be naked right now, and Chris apparently agreed with me because after taking a trip to the pisser he came back without his shorts on. Dan, who does't care for clothes at all and is often naked at my house just because he can be, sees this as the perfect opportunity to let his dick hang out as well. Another aspect of being roomies is, they often end up sharing each other's underwear. Turns out Chris has Dan's socks on LOL. That's what you get when you live packed in tight in the barracks!

Pretty soon it's bar time though, or getting close, so the two of them hop into the shower (not at the same time, unfortunately). Dan BTW has all kinds of fun ripping on his buddy about the new 'stache Chris is trying to go. Chris is all proud of it but let's be honest it looks like a caterpillar that hasn't hit puberty yet, and Dan isn't one bit shy about saying so. It's funny as hell to watch these two best friends rip on each other!

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