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Dan Before Duty (27 min)

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So one afternoon Dan was bored and wanted to go shooting. My "box of shit that needs to get shot" was still relatively full, so I told him to come on the fuck over. I grabbed the camera and we went out to my favorite spot out in the middle of ass-nowhere. Unfortunately the USMC had other plans and after we were already out there he got a call telling him that he had to come in for formation. That is, he had to show up in uniform and stand on a parade ground for an hour listening to some sergeant telling him to be careful during the weekend. So all of a sudden he had to back on base in an hour but that didn't stop us from having some fun. In this video Dan shows off not only his amazing body (seriously, just look at that ass!) but also the skills he's learned in the USMC. You can just picture him clearing a building in Afghanistan, except butt naked, which is the way that Dan always should be (and would like to be I'm sure).

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