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Funny story: I am an idiot. Me and my buddy Dan decided to go out shooting, we had been talking about it forever and if you know me and this site you know I like to take my buddies out for some cocks-out target practice. So, we hopped in Dan's shit-kicking truck and headed out into the desert. Now Dan and I have let off rounds together before. One late night after hanging out at the local watering hole we took the truck out into the wastelands around my house for some 3am target practice. But this time I had a stack of targets (i.e., shit that had broke and needed to be shot to little pieces) and my camera. And this time I knew how much Dan likes to have his cock swinging free. Usually it's people that shouldn't be naked that want to get naked. Not Dan: he is a nudist if I ever saw one--he absolutely fucking loves to show off his body--and it's easy to see why. There's no part of this guy that's not hot-as-fuck.

I've said this before: he's also the nicest, chillest guy I know. Just a great fucking person that is always fun to hang out with. I, on the other hand, am a dumbass. When we got out to the range, we realized that I had forgotten my shotgun. D'oh!! That didn't stop Dan though. Like I said, he just likes to be naked, and it's wide open spaces out there and he just wanted to go for a walk and explore. not a problem, brother. After putting on some sunscreen...because the sun was really beating down and even if you're as tan as he is you'd better wear some protection...we headed out to explore the local environment, dick slapping in the wind.

We walked and walked, exploring all kinds of thing along the way, and getting so far afield that his truck became just a tiny speck in the background. Despite it's emptiness the spot where we parked is a fairly popular spot and I have totally seen people there before. When you're there and have your shotgun it's not a big deal...who's gonna fuck witha naked marine carrying a shottie? They'll just run! But way the fuck far away like that, it would have been funny as hell if someone had showed up with their own shotgun to shoot there and caught him naked...I'm not sure what we would have done. Here's where I am really an idiot though.

When I got home and eagerly checked the tape for all the great footage I had just got, including shots of his beautiful ass as he bent over looking for snakes in the bushes, I discovered that whenever I stopped the camera I was actually recording, and when I thought I was recording the camera was actually stopped. Mt heart sank. I love my new camera...but it's hard to see the viewscreen in such bright light and I fucked up big time. There's still enough to enjoy...and what's there is amazing, but there was so much more. My apologies, and don't worry too too much--we went back shooting the very next week and not only did I not forget the shottie, but I got it all on tape. Til next time, enjoy Dan enjoying the great outdoors!

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