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OMG, these motherfuckers. I think this is one of the hottest videos I've ever taped. It starts off as a regular beer pong game. You've seen a bunch of these already--what can I say, me and my boys like to play beer pong. You can never go wrong because you've got a bunch of marines drinking beer and there's something about beer pong that just lend itself to guys getting naked. But this one gets taken to another level. So there we were, on a Friday night warming up at my girl's house before we went out to the bar for our usual Friday shenanigans.

There were about ten of hanging out having a good time, and me having my camera ready to go I suggested that we start playing a friendly game to warm up. Mark and George are best friends and roommates in the barracks. Mark especially thinks of himself as a shit-hot beer pong player, he's cocky as fuck and it's hot. Tall and lean, he's an awesome cross between goofy and bad-ass. His buddy George is a smaller guy that proves the adage that it's the smaller guys that get the big dicks, because his is a huge thick old thing. And that ass! I'd never seen these guys naked before so it was a surprise, just lemme say you're gonna wanna make like James Cameron and go diving in that trench. It's a beautiful thing to behold, and as it turns out he likes to shake it around.

The thing I love about these guys is since they know each other so well they are totally comfortable with each other. They come off like brothers that grew up together. And everyone over at the party is from their platoon so they've been butt-ass naked in front of their bros plenty of times too, most recently when they were on a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit, it's where they all float around on a ship and go wherever marines are heard Dan tell some stories about his MEU last week, same thing but different outing). You'll hear these guys say several times that they were all naked on the ship together which is something I invite you to imagine while you're watching these let it all hang out. This isn't on tape, but at one point I tell these guys that beer pong at my house always ends up with guys getting naked, and Mark says "Hell, I play 'Call of Duty'naked." I invite you to picture this too..Mark and George sitting around their barracks with their dicks hanging out playing Xbox, because why bother putting on clothes when you're just hanging with your brother? I'll do my best to catch this on video for you too if I can.

Anyway a friendly beer pong game gets their sense of competition up, and all this talk about playing naked prompts Mark to issue a challenge: He and George will take something off for every cup the other guys make. He has no sooner said these words than the other guys make two cups...boom! Pretty soon George is stitchless, which gives him an opportunity to try to throw off the other team by swinging his dick around like it's cool. Their buddies hated it but you won't mind at all, I promise. It didn't stop their buddies from making the cups though, and pretty soon Mark has to drop his shorts as well. He looks so good in those black boxers but you won't be disappointed that he has to drop them because it reveals the most amazing set of low-hangers I have ever seen.

The effect of seeing this corn-fed Iowa far boy turned bad-ass marine with balls that hang to China is something you won't want to miss. This right here is one of my favorite videos I have ever made. The guys are hot as fuck, and watching these buddies and war-brothers pal around, slapping each others asses, teasing their buddies and generally being two of the hottest marines's amazing. But what's better is what comes next. While we're out playing in the garage, theirs a party going on inside. Mark and George walk right into the middle of their buddies with their cocks swinging. Their bros pretend to be all upset ("Get that cock outta my face!") but we all know they'll see each other in the shower after PT the next day anyway. It's getting close to bar time, but the guys aren't ready to put on their clothes just yet. They head outside for a smoke, luckily my girl has a high fence around her yard so her neighbors couldn't see shit. I love listening to these guys talk about new weapons systems with their dicks swinging.

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