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Hairybutt Beer Pong (24 min)

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And now, the very last video with Hairybutt. I actually taped this months ago, way back in August while I was still living at the house with the pool. Some friends and I, including my buddy Speedy had gone out to the bar with some girls and ended up bring a bunch of guys back to the pad. One thing leads to another and pretty soon it's another round of Naked Beer Pong. The guys we were playing against didn't want to be on camera, which is a shame because they were hot as heel marines. I wanted to play so I handed off the camera to Speedy and he did a superb job...the man has rock steady hands I guess... I don't know how it really ended, I hadn't even looked at this footage until it came time to pull it out of the vault, so I was surprised to see that it just stops. Luckily we got plenty of tape, so you get 20 good minutes of Jake at his hottest flashing that nig huge grin of his and having a grand old time playing beer pong with his dick out, which is how he likes it. Me too!

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