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So when I first met Jake A.K.A. Hairy Butt, he was just a few weeks away from getting out of the USMC. In fact I met him out at a bar while he was celebrating this fact with a buddy. Between the time I met him and when he got out, I moved back to the house in the desert, which is a few hundred miles away from the one with the pool where I lived for abouta year. The house with the pool was a nicer house but the house in the desert is more fun, because you can go out into the desert and run around naked like it's cool (because it is cool).

The house in the desert was also on Jake's way home. He had decided to that he would take a roadtrip on the way back to his civilian life, stopping at some of those famous landmarks that make this such a great country. And one of those landmarks is me. The whole time I had known him (all 2 weeks, pretty much) I has been teling him about how awesome it was out in the desert, how you could run around naked outside and no one would fuck with you, and he pretty much thought that sounded like paradise. So he stopped in to say hey on the way out and we went out to the place y'all know as 'the mines' to shoot the shotgun. Except that, they'd cleaned the place up! There was nothing to shoot at anymore...they hauled off the abandoned car that Fuckmaster and I tore up, they carted off all the abandoned stereo equipment and what not. Which was disappointing. There's no denying the place looks a lot better now, so I can't complain too much, but we were really looking forward to some target practice and there wasn't much of that.

Even most of the mine itself had been taken down. There was still enough for Jake to go exploring on, though. And go exploring he did. Jake loves, loves loves loves to have his cock out. All the marines love to drop their shorts, I think it's a consequence of boot camp and after-PT gang showers, but Jake is a natural nudist. Someday that guy will end up running a nudist colony somewhere I guarantee it. He was a little nervous because he had never actually got to wander around so freely in the great outdoors, and you can see the highway from the mines so occasionally you'll see trucks go by and whatnot which can be a little unnerving if you don;t know that they can't see you. Well technically they but you're just a tiny pink dot on a hill, if they're bothering to pay attention at all. You could fuck somebody up there and they wouldn't be able to (really) tell (much). I am totally going to do that someday.

Interestingly Jake is the first Marine I ever met that didn't know his way around a shotgun. Most of the guys I meet, even the city ones, have some country in them, it's part of their marine DNA, but Jake is a city boy through and through. I bet he could handle an M-16 pretty well, but the shottie was a first for him. He still looks good carrying it around though. He may not be the most built or buffest guy, but there's something in that big grin and smooth sense of humor that is sexy as hell, and many of you have written in to agree. Let the other sites have their perfect guys who don't even look real and let Jake charm you into enjoying the desert with him. The view is amazing! And you can take that either way you like.

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