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Doug is the rare exception here at My Straight Buddy--he's not a marine, he's a navy corpsman. Whereever you find marines, you will also find Corpsmen, they're basically medics. Every marine has a soft spot in his heart for corpsmen because of you get tore up in combat, it's a corpsman that's gonna save you life. I'm fortunate to know a bunch of them, and it was through one of them that I met Doug.

He's also an exception in the sense that, most of the guys you see on here are my actual buddies that I hang out with every day. You're looking watching a slice of what my crazy life is really like. In Doug's case, although I have partied with him and drank with him out at the bar, he was really more one of my buddy's buddies. But he realllllllly wanted to be in a video, and he was getting out of the Navy in a just a few days, so asked him if he wanted to jerk off for me. He was all about it.

You can see it in his eyes that stroking his cock for the camera really turned him on. Doug is a wild man. He's one of those, always willing to go that one step too far, always instigating pranks and you know a couple years ago he had to have been the class clown. He's also the kind of guy that would be really turned on if he knew you were jerking off watching him He's tall (6'3") and lanky, with a big goofy gap-toothed grin that immediately reveals him to be the corn-fed Iowa boy that he is. I ask him the weirest (sexual) situation he's ever been in: he was fucking some chick (the hottest chick he's ever dated) and he couldn't cum because he had to pee, so she told him to pee on her and all over the motel bed. Then she went psycho a couple weeks later and he told all her friends and family.

He gets out of the shower to piss (and describing some of the problems you get with a massive Prince ALbert in your cock, like being out on in the field on exercise and pissing on your boots) and he must've been in a similar situation because as soon as he gets back in he starts to stroke it again. And it's like the first time was just a warm up, now he's comfortable. That's when I realize who this kid really is: an exhibitionist of the highest order. He loves stroking for the camera, this is probably the highlight of his year and I bet you he still jerks off thinking about it today.

Check out the way he sucks off the camera with eyes...I'm pretty sure he was using the fact that I was taping him as his porn. You can imagine that it's you taping him and he's desperately hoping you'll step into the shower with him and suck his big navy dick His poor dick is worn out though, and there's no way he'll be able to pop off a second round, so he gets out to dry and I swear his forlorn sigh at the end is because he can't postpone putting on his clothes anymore. But postpone he does, making absolutely no effort to put his drawers on and every excuse to keep his cock free for as long as possible. I actually had to make him put his shorts on because there was a party we wanted to get to and it was time to get on it. Trust me I woulda let him run around like that all night if I could of but we had places to be.

As an end note, you'll hear us making plans to bring girls back to the room later and that totally happened, although he's the only one that got laid that night. She wasn't down to be on tape though, and it wasn't really a huge loss, either...his excuse the next day was that he was wasted and man you'd have to be. But that's what happens when you feed a horny navy guy too much alcohol.

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