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This video is a perfect example of why I take my video camera with me wherever I go. I was visiting my buddies Nick and Trevor, two of my best buddies who had long since been stationed at a base far away so I hadn't seen them in months. It was great seeing them again and it was like not a minute had passed. Along for the ride was a girl we all knew.

We got in her car and headed out to the beach. I actually shot this video about a year ago, near then end of spring break season. Everyone we asked gave us a different answer as to where was poppin. "There? No you want to go here," they'd say. And then the next person would tell them they were crazy. So by the time we were ready to go we were already lost. Compounding the problem was that her GPS couldn't find a package store to save my life. We drove all over everywhere and by the time we got there we were too tired to think straight, and I was ready to get to enjoying the being over 21. We had traveled to one of the local towns where we expected that there would be tons of horny college girls gathered for spring break debauchery, but we had no such luck.

We did manage to go to a really cool strip club where you could bring in your own cooler which was pretty cool. After emptying that at the club and hornier than ever, we stumbled back to our motel. For being a cheap last-minute little place it wasn't too bad. We were up on the 10th floor and you could, if you looked, see the ocean. It was cold though so none of us went near it. Now Trevor and Nick have been friends since they were in bootcamp together. They ended up at the same AIT (that's the school they send you to after basic to learn your job) and when they graduated they went to the same base and work in the same shop only on different shifts. Both of them are funny as hell, and hate wearing clothes. Seriously we would go out to the bars come back and get naked just for the hell of it, which is how the video Chat Roulette came about. So when we got to the room and did not end up bringing any girls back with us, there was some excess testosterone to work out and this video is the result.

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