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My buddy Jake was coming over all the time as the days to the end of his service came up. On your last days, sometimes you may only have one appointment during the day and when you're done you don't even have to report for duty. And so he would show up at my house and we would hang out, drink beer and bullshit with each other before heading out to the bar for an evening of fun. On this day, it was particularly, unseasonably hot. It felt more so because it had been cold for days, and then out of the blue it was baking.

Jake was over drinking a beer and I was quizzing him about where he had ended up the night before, he had wanted me to come out but I was just not up to it, and apparently he had had himself a good time. I had the camera on him because I was sure that it was hot enough to get a nudist like Jake out of his clothes, and I was right. Jake you see loves to be naked. Not merely comfortable with it, he is a Class B nudist (Class A I guess being someone who lives naked most of the time...Jake is what you would call a recreational nudist). Whatever, he likes to take his clothes off and I knew that not much more than a little nudge would get him into the pool.

As inviting as the pool looked, however, the days of cold weather that had preceded this one had left the water freezing cold and that quickly put the end to that idea. But once free, he surely wasn't going to put his clothes back on. So, noticing what bad shape my yard is in, offers to water my plants for me. Awesome, not only do I get hot video for you to watch, but he's taking care of my shit for me. When he's done we hang out and bullshit for a while. He doesn't want to put on his pants and I don't blame him, and I'm not about to make him, so enjoy the view.

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