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You already know that my buddy Jack stayed with me for a few days a while back. He's a really good guy and helped out a lot around the pad in exchange for having a place to crash while he looked for a job, which was nice because A) I had a lot of shit that needed to get done and B) he liked to be naked while he did them. Always a plus in my book. This video starts with Jack on a particularly good note. The life-changing event hes talking about at the beginning is: just a hour or so before this video, he had snagged himself a job.

We put this turn of events down to him wearing his lucky shirt, one that hes worn on his overseas deployments with the Marines so many times that its almost see-through now. Why is it lucky? Cuz hes been blown up in it so many times. This stretches the definition of lucky for me but in his eyes it is because he lived through all of those incidents, including as he describes it, a time when he got blown out of the machine-gunners turret in his Hummer and walked down the street in a daze in the middle of a firefight with people shooting at him. Maybe it is a lucky shirt after all. Lucky shirt or not, he still likes being naked though, especially outside on such a nice day.

After sweeping up my patio and discussing other Marine Corp superstitions (grunts sure are a superstitious bunch), he reminisces about his second deployment in Iraq on which he got cold and he and his buddy decided to warm themselves up by lighting a can of JP8 on fire (thats helicopter fuel). Now one of the things that needed to get cleaned up in my yard was a big pile of junk mail I had been saving for kindling, and I was seriously overstocked in this regard.

Jack, being a pyro after my own heart, built a fire and burned it all for me. You dont really get to see it, but as he was doing this we looked up and realized the wind had blown my gate open and Jacks swinging dick was visible to the whole neighborhood for a minute. Luckily no one was out and about or that could have been very embarrassing. This bit, although pants-shittingly hilarious (for those of us wearing pants, anyway) didnt make it onto video because I was frantically trying to get the gate shut again before the cops got called. Good times!

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