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Gunners Morning Wood (37 min)

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My buddy Gunner and I (along with a girl I know that Gunner ended up fucking about 3 times in 3 days...including on top of a Firebird with his buddies watching, oh how I wish you could see that) ended up at a motel party. We wanted to stay up late and part, what can I say. Unfortunately Gunner, even though he won't drink with us, still had to get up for an early shift. He's such a character, he fell asleep naked (he was tired after fucking for like 3 hours I guess). I started the camera rolling when it was time to wake him up and he'd shaken his covers off and was grabbing himself.

We hated to end his obviously very pleasant dream but duty calls. He takes a nice long shower, and you get to see Nick Gunner's feet for the first time! Cuz that kid never takes off his socks, not in any other video he's ever been in. After that much to my surprise he can't help playing with himself as our girl is busy in the background getting ready for her morning and is doing a little sexy dance for him. He doesn't have much time but it's hard not to make time when your dick has a case of the Morning Woods!

Unfortunately he really does run out of time at the end, so his wood remains unfinished. Because apparently "I had to finish jacking off this morning sir!" still isn't an acceptable excuse for being late for duty. Someday :)

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