Tony's Blowjay

Posted on 10/3/12, 25 Minutes
This was, for me, one of the hottest videos I've ever shot...but in my excitement I fucked it up. I present it to you anyway, because it would be a shame to miss out on this, even though I forgot to flip a swit... continued

Hairybutt Beer Pong

Posted on 4/21/12, 24 Minutes
And now, the very last video with Hairybutt. I actually taped this months ago, way back in August while I was still living at the house with the pool. Some friends and I, including my buddy Speedy had gone out ... continued

Hairybutt Jerks Off

Posted on 4/14/12, 34 Minutes
Hey folks I'm right in the middle of moving a bunch of shit...this video is of my buddy Jake A.K.A Hairy Butt rubbing one out on my porch...more details later but for now just watch the preview LOL

Freedom From Clothes

Posted on 12/5/11, 21 Minutes
My buddy Jake was coming over all the time as the days to the end of his service came up. On your last days, sometimes you may only have one appointment during the day and when you're done you don't even have t... continued

Hairy Butt

Posted on 10/4/11, 19 Minutes
I met Jake when he was a marine just weeks away from getting out of the marines corps. He was the buddy of a buddy, but we became the better friends when he realized that he could be naked at my place all he wa... continued

Trevor Jacks Off

Posted on 12/31/10, 28 Minutes
After our intense round of beer pong Trevor and I both stayed naked for the rest of the day because, fuck clothes. A little bit later on I was drinking and he was horny and so I, with my cock still hanging out ... continued

Trevor Cleans Up

Posted on 11/15/10, 29 Minutes
I had a bunch of people over to my house and like any good party the place got trashed. Luckily I had my buddy Trevor there to help clean up...NAKED!

Gettin Ready

Posted on 9/30/10, 30 Minutes
Recently I had he pleasure of meeting a new crew, and among them a guy who was destined to be a new best friend. He's an awesome guy to jang out with, and today's video is of trev at my new house getting ready ... continued


Posted on 2/6/09, 44 Minutes
So if you've been following the site for any length of time, you know that I shoot straight know, the kind with guys fucking girls. These videos require that I audition the guys to see if they can ac... continued

John on the Balcony

Posted on 7/30/04, 25 Minutes
John is one of those guys that's just totally a sexual being. He's very lucky in that he's found a girl that's the same way...or when we were making this video. Both of them are into no-rules, no-hangups sex. S... continued

Dan, Hot Sk8tr Dude

Posted on 7/16/04, 30 Minutes
I met Dan in a hardware store. He was working behind the counter, bored off his ass and (he told me later) high.

I was in there with a friend getting some towing supplies, and wasn't even intending to be sco... continued

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