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Real home videos of US Marines getting naked with their buddies

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My Straight Buddy isn't like any other site out there. These are my actual buddies, the guys I hang out with, go to the bar with, drink with and love like my own brothers.

They are all marines (excepting the occasional Navy Corpsman, they are the guys that patch the marines up in combat so you will always find them on a marine base). They have all been to Iraq or Afghanistan.

You won't see them in uniform a lot, because I am trying to be respectful of the marine corps. You won't see a lot of dog tags either, because that's what fake producers put on their fake marines so you'll think they're real military. Real marines don't wear their dogtags off base when they're partying. But look for the Semper Fi tattoos.

I live in a house right off base, easy to get to when the bars close, where marines know they can come and hang out and chill away from the barracks. They know that they can bring girls over and fuck them on my couch, or stay up all night drinking beer and playing cards, or whatever.

Most of all, they're great guys. They love to rag on each other, fuck with each other, fight with each other. They're fun to hang out with. Join now and find out what it's like to have a bunch of naked marines hanging out at your house.


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